Chris Baird

Course Tutor
Chris writes many of the m8 CPD courses and workshops for personal trainers. He is a walking encyclopedia about anything health and fitness related.
Come along to one of his courses and be inspired by what you learn.

Jenny Cromack

Course Co-ordinator
Jenny is the course co-ordinator at m8 CPD and keeps everything and everyone at m8 CPD organised!
She also teaches the Pre and Post Natal Exercise course.
CPD Course Tutor

Ieuan Cranswick

Course Tutor
Ieuan is one of our course tutors whose specialism lies in exercise psychology and physiology.
Also a qualified Sports Therapist, Ieuan has a great understanding about how the body works and the best ways to get the most out of your clients.
Kate Halsall CPD course Tutor

Kate Halsall

Course Tutor
Kate's passion for the fitness industry has no limits. She specialises in postural correction and pre and post natal exercise.
Come along to one of her courses or workshops for personal trainers and walk away brimming with enthusiasm!


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